This is Power

John met with the local Nigerian translation leaders in September 2017 to help start translating the Old testament in this Nigerian language. A family had moved to Nigeria 22 years ago to translate the New Testament for this people group. And the people finally received their New Testament just this year. There was much rejoicing with cultural song and dance during the dedication event

In one village, the new believers wanted to meet together. Their first gathering place was taken down because a man was fearful of opposition. The church is now meeting together in a different place, which they built themselves. Even though the Gospel is touching their hearts, many of their neighbors are fearful to join them as superstitious beliefs abound. Last week, one of the new believer’s sons, woke up with swollen hands, legs and face. At first, they were told it was a snakebite, then someone from the village heard that a woman who practiced witchcraft was angry. She was angry because the church used branches from trees she had been using for her witchcraft. The woman claimed her curse caused the boy to be sick. The witch told them they should bring a sacrifice to appease the spirit. Previously the discipleship team warned them about the spiritual warfare that was coming and power of Jesus over the spirits. This new church was spiritually mature to realize the spiritual warfare that was going on. They prayed to Jesus, knowing his power is superior to any other power, and the boy’s health is now improving.

Please pray for this new church to continue to walk in faith with our Lord despite any and all fear! 


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