Translation Update

One of my tasks as a Field Coordinator is to be a link between US funding organizations and the field managing organization who oversees the projects. So my first step for the Margi Tiwi nga Tum (Margi) team (*see below for more info on this translation team) is to ensure they have a suitable managing organization. In addition to the Bible translation work being setback by the effects of terrorism, the Margi translation project is not able to function at 100% capacity because – through no fault of their own – they are currently affiliated with a managing partner organization that is not providing any services to them. They recently approached a different Nigerian based organization and asked if they could help them but were told that this second organization doesn’t have the personnel capacity to take on one more project. The search is on….

They also need to continue to develop organizationally in order to present their project for consideration of funding. One of my favorite aspects of this job is working with Nigerian language communities such as this who really want Scripture in their language and helping them to pull these things together. The expected timeline for such an endeavor? At least four months for the next steps (followed by the three year translation project).

Please pray along with us for all the many issues and details to be worked out:
· the critical step of finding the right organization to manage the project locally
· the many, many planning documents and budgets which need to be drafted and approved
· the personnel needed, the training, the funding and most importantly the continued commitment of  the Margi TNT churches to provide local leadership and support.

We want to thank you…our friends and partners who make it possible to walk alongside language communities like this who are longing for the impact God’s word can make in their lives. 

*Margi speakers come from the northeast of Nigeria, which is also where the terrorist group Boko Haram makes its headquarters. The Margi area was raided in October 2015; at that time in addition to all the churches being burned, the translation office was ransacked. Many items were stolen, including the project generator and the lead translator’s laptop. A large number of the Margi people – including the translation team members – are now internally displaced people; they still reside in Nigeria but have left the area in order to be more secure.

Pastor Yusuf and his team of translators -despite their difficult circumstance- continue to translate the New Testament into Margi. They are currently working on the Gospel of John (having completed five other books previously.)  Their goal is to translate the entire New Testament.


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