Grandparent Camp

Grandparent camp 2019 was a huge success!

Here is some fun we had making memories together 
Grandma learns an early morning robot tablet game... as a sage high schooler once said: "everyday is a school day" 

notice how this "Lego team" fades into the distance, notice how the dog has lost interest in the game...
imagine memorizing each team members name... 

parks, walks, runs, tag, playgrounds

We explored Cougar Mountain trails for 3 days 
they are amazing rain and shine

Everyone joined the big kid in carrying a stick while hiking

Pogo stick fun...  What age shall we add unicycle? 

Grandma's bake shop

cookie decorating is a long-time family tradition

Easter cookies are ready 

homemade slime! 

Do you have ideas for our next edition of grandparent camp? 
Please share your favorite things to do with your elementary age kids and grands.


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