African Road-Trip with a Purpose

There is no typical Nigeria trip for John... every trip is unique

This is a glimpse of my January trip 

Men talking by grain storage in Northern Nigeria

Total air travel hours: 46 
(with one delayed bag and some new clothes courtesy of American Airlines)

African Road-trip: 7 days 

Favorite trip quote “road is a strong term here” (video link)

Sometimes you need to climb a mountain to get a cell signal!
 This Bible translation project is in a location without cell phone service... but by climbing a nearby mountain we could make calls and collect email! We enjoyed a beautiful dusty harmattan sunset while on our phones.

Number of times muffler mount broke and was re-welded due to rough roads: 3 

This isn't the welder, but another "Gas Station" on our way

I wish I had counted all the Camels. There were so many! 
See a much larger camel caravan in my short video
How many camels can you count in the video? 

Number of rivers crossed without bridges: many, thankfully, it was dry season so there was little danger of getting stuck. 
Bridge Construction
Click this link to watch us crossing a river with no bridge!

Bible Translation organizations visited three 

I had meetings with Nigeria Bible Translation Trust about some Bible translation projects

Language project visits: eight 

Gbari language committee meeting  -first of eight projects visited

Longest church service attended 4 hours 
Post Ordination service photo at Anglican church Kontagora 

“Chance meetings” with Discovery alumni on a Nigerian roadside: one 

Naaza and Hannah (2011 Ghana Discovery) now serve as Bible translators in Nigeria! 

Anglican Bishops befriended on trip: one 

Bishop Jonah, yes, he's the one with the fancy hat in the other church photo, his wife's hat is nice too

Delicious Nigerian Balango is BBQ with no stick.  #streetfood

My companion and driver on the road trip visits to the eight language projects blogged about our trip here.  Check it out to see my photo in front of Happiness Restaurant (scroll down to "Tim's Trip" section)

*I did not take the photos that I am in above. Top photo credit Zach


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