Interns share some of their thoughts about their pre-trip preparations with Shevawn

One of the things we miss from our Discovery days is the face-to-face interactions we had with our interns while in Ghana; it is so different from interacting with people in an online course! Because of this, John and I were excited when we realized that three of the eighteen interns/volunteers I trained this past spring were attending Biola University (which is near where we live) AND they would be going to Nigeria. So we invited these ladies over for an African meal. I enjoyed getting to meet them in person after many online interactions and John enjoyed fielding some of their questions about Nigeria. We are looking forward to having them over again after they return to hear about their summer and help them process their experiences.

As the various interns and volunteers completed their pre-internship training, many of them took the time to write and tell me what they appreciated about their experience. Some of their comments follow below.

The orientation that I went through before leaving for internship was invaluable! Many of the situations I faced in regards to "culture shock" were things we had discussed in our orientations class. I felt like this gave me the tools to approach these situations much better than I would have without this prior knowledge.
Emily (who recently completed her internship in sign language translation 
and is planning to join Wycliffe Bible Translators in the next year or so.)

And thank you so much for guiding us through this course. All of the reflection was invaluable and all of your insights were incredibly helpful. Your wisdom is much appreciated.
Andrew (currently serving in an IT capacity)

I was also able to apply material we’ve discussed in the class to (a different) trip, as I was the student team leader. Thank you for your time and feedback with everything!
Allison (helping with ESL)

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