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The last time I posted on the blog, I shared some photos of our Germany meetings, and promised to post a few of photos of my recent Nigeria meetings.

This was my first time in a market in Lagos. It wasn't the kind of situation where I felt comfortable to take photos with my phone... so I borrowed this photo from the internet.  I so wish that I could have photographed this amazing Lagos market experience. *Lagos is the most populous African city with 21 million people*

You may wonder why I travel and have meetings in Nigeria? Yes there are over 500 languages with 240 of them still waiting for Bible translation to begin. 

We traveled a lot this trip to have partner meetings with many organizations. This photo shows the decor inside one of the airports. 

This lively Nigerian family serves as supported missionaries in Lagos

We had meetings with YWAM at a lovely new YWAM facility with much more scenic spaces than this one... but the graffiti is so lovely here!  "God is good in YWAM, Amen"

The bush path being blocked by this tree is no match for a skillful cutlass!

Scenic Nigeria 
There is lots of beauty to see on a Nigerian road trip 

Dinner meeting with Dr Chinedu and Festus; two Bible translation consultants that I have the privilege to partner with.

Street food breakfast: fried dough and sweet bananas

I like this advert even though I don't eat the cornflakes

Michael and I ate dinner here. You'd think they serve pizza, right? Nope, Pizza is not on the menu.
I had rice balls with groundnut soup and Michael had yam porridge. 

Michael is an enterprising young linguist and shop owner. He allowed me to conduct some sales and sent me home with a gift of roasted groundnuts.

Mosque in Abuja


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