Thursday update

It's been almost a week since our participants went out to their various
assignment locations, and all appears to be going well. Everyone seems to
be plugging in, and everyone's health is good. I know they would appreciate
your prayers though, as this is the time that the "honeymoon phase" should
be ending for most of them......I would like to mention that Michael (whom
we asked you to pray for in our last update) seems to be doing much better
in pursuing language and culture learning; thanks for much for your prayers
on his behalf!

John and I had a wonderfully refreshing weekend; on Monday we felt fully
recharged (which is pretty amazing!) Again, thanks for your prayers! John
spent all of Monday and part of Tuesday and Wednesday trying to get our
e-mail up and going; we now think we have a workable system. I've been busy
unpacking and setting up house for the next several weeks as well as doing
some office work along with John. We've also been enjoying spending time
with many of our GILLBT friends and co-workers.

People are beginning to arrive for the funeral; it promises to be a very
relational weekend. We'll send out another update after it's over.

Friday 1st July is Republic Day in Ghana... so for those of us taking 1st
July off work... "Happy Republic Day" and for those of you taking 4th of
July off work... Happy Independence day and enjoy the HB parade!

Thanks so much for your prayers!


Jaime Sherf said…
Hey guys - It sounds like the trip is going well so far. May the LORD continue to bless it. Please enjoy some foufou for me while you are in Tamale. I am sorry to hear about your friend - I pray that the funeral goes smoothly.
Happy Republic Day!
Jody said…
I have enjoyed your news. And so glad to hear how well the Team is doing. Praying esp for this weekend. Happy 4th to you too!

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