Debriefing in Accra

Our team members are working in small groups on a debriefing project, so I have a few minutes to write an update.  As John said previously, we arrived on Saturday evening around dinner time.  Thank you all so much for your prayers throughout our four day journey!  When we were about 3 hours away from Accra, the differential on our vehicle broke.....the third vehicular breakdown John and I had experienced in our various travels this year.  This has been yet another Discovery first for us....a part of the Discovery curriculum God wrote for us and our team.  I am so delighted to report that I responded much better to this test than the first one....during the almost 2 hours it took for our vehicle to be repaired on the roadside, some rested in the bus while half of us went over to a nearby building under construction, where we learned Russian children's Sunday School songs (with motions, of course!) played mind games, and learned why we didn't really want to learn how to sing La Cucaracha. 8-)   We not only survived the breakdown, but thrived; thanks be to God!  It wasn't until we got ready to get back in the bus that one of our group saw the snake slithering by.....since many snakes here are poisonous, I did not care to get close enough to identify this one.  We are so thankful for God's protection; from the snake....from vehicles passing us by at high speeds as we sat on the shoulder.....for safety as we traveled all the kilometers from Tamale to Mole to Kumasi to Accra.  We are also very thankful for the wonderful time we had throughout our travel, as well as all the insights we are receiving as we debrief together.  Please continue to pray for each member of our team as they continue to process this trip and prepare for their arrivals home at the end of the week.  Please also pray for Kathryn, the member of our team who is still out in her village location (she will come to Accra and debrief with us Aug 6th-9th.)

In His love;

Shevawn & John


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