Partnering in Ghana

2010 Partnerships with the Navigators and The Well

In addition to this being the first time a Discovery trip has had two Ghanaian co-leaders, we are looking forward to yet another Discovery first as we anticipate having a couple of Ghanaian Navigator students join our team this year. We have been exploring some form of partnership with The Navigators in Ghana for over a year now, and we hope that together we can encourage the use of Navigator scripture materials in rural areas of Ghana.   

Our other partnership with The Well Church began almost two years ago as John began assisting with their Ghanaian church plants as a Cross cultural consultant. Similar to last year, John will extend his time in Ghana by 10 days in order to interact with these churches. The income we receive year round from The Well has been an incredible blessing to us as it has supplemented our regular support, which has been affected by the recession the past year and a half.


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