ut-Hun (Dukawa) language committee leaders

Just a couple weeks ago we mentioned the ut-Hun New Testament was dedicated on January 6th of this year.  And now anyone can download it to their phone!  And for those left wondering if Nigerians have smart phones... wonder no longer.

Can you imagine working on a Bible translation project without a dictionary to refer to?  What about if there is no dictionary in existence?  You create your own!  Yes, that's what many of our colleagues and partners do.  We have even had many Discoverers help with dictionary projects.

Now I see the ut-Hun dictionary is available online
ScriptureEarth is a great place where people can find all the ut-Hun Scripture resource links in one place! Jesus Film, android apps, Scripture text and more are all here!

Let me add some prayer requests for the ut-Hun borrowed from 

Dukawa (73,000): Nigeria
Be­cause God’s peo­ple prayed, the Dukawa trans­la­tion team com­pleted all the goals they had for last year and the New Tes­ta­ment was ded­i­cated on Jan­u­ary 6, 2018!
  • Pray for effective distribution channels and transformed lives as people read and listen to God’s Word in printed and recorded formats.
  • Thank the Lord for all the faithful prayer warriors who have interceded for the project, including The Finish Line prayer partners.
  • Give praise for a large group of Dukawa pastors and their wives who occasionally gather in all-night prayer meetings for the translation, the “JESUS” film and discipleship groups.
  • Lift up a team of western Dukawa speakers as they adapt this Dukawa translation to their language. The languages differ about 25 percent. Pray that the computer programs available to help will function properly so this other group can receive God’s Word sooner rather than later.

*Dukawa and ut-Hun are used interchangeably here.  I'll have to blog again sometime about the distinction between them.


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