All is well and going as planned in Ghana

I'm sorry to get this posted here a bit late; John and I are still figuring out who will update things when and dealing with some technical issues (including my internet being down for several hours today.)  But hopefully we are on track now...
John arrived safely in Ghana Saturday evening, and had a good day of rest on Sunday.  He very much enjoyed watching the Ghana/Serbia World Cup match and being in the capital city as the victory celebrations were in full swing.  Bernice and Fred arrived at the guest house soon after the match, and today the three leaders were going to prepare together  as well as greeting and helping the Ghanaian participants settle in as they arrived throughout the day.  They will begin their Orientation tomorrow morning.  As of this moment, most of the Western participants should be in the air...or at least in an they start their day long travel to Ghana; they will hopefully arrive sometime Tuesday evening. 
Things are progressing as hoped for...thanks so much for your continued prayers!


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