Travel day

At 4:30 am on Friday the team will "report" with their luggage to load up the Benz bus that will take them to Tamale. The bus has been hired for the Discovery team only; it will be full to the brim with the participants and their suitcases. If all goes well, it usually takes somewhere around 12-13 hours for the trip, stopping for lunch and utilizing a petrol stop or two for bathroom breaks. The trip can be tiring; warm air, diesel fumes and bumps along the way plus jet lag will cause many participants to nod off while traveling. But when they are awake, there is lots of activity; in addition to some "homework assignments" we have given them to do, there is the process of getting to know each other better, and lots to see outside the windows, even for the Ghanaian participants, many of whom have never traveled that far north in their country.

Upon arrival and after unloading and getting their room assignments in Tamale, the team will enjoy their first dinner served by the Guest House staff in Tamale. This is the night everyone tends to fall into bed exhausted.


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