This morning in Accra... the Ghana Discovery team focused on Team Work. The exercise was amazing in that the Ghanaian team mates managed to be more vocal and provide more leadership than their North American partners. I think this video is the team's 2nd try to lay the pole on the ground while always keeping their fingers in contact with it.  They managed to succeed on try #4.  For those of you who've never tried this exercise... it can be very difficult and truly takes good communication, cooperation, leadership and team work.  This is truly an historic year for the Ghana Discovery team. The team is now 11 Ghanaians and 9 N. Americans (including leaders).  Tomorrow we travel to Tamale and with slower Internet and a busy orientation schedule anticipated... I will likely be out of contact for a few days.  The whole team surely appreciates your interest and prayers for us.
thanks so much, 
-mr wumbe

Shevawn's note: a little clarification here.  This exercise is designed to promote team work, and one of our goals in playing it is to reveal if there is a particular gender group or ethnicity that is dominating the team.  Our desire is for the team to become one....not for any particular group to dominate.  The reason John thinks the Ghanaians vocalness is so amazing is because every other year we have played this game,  the Ex-pats have taken charge, or there has been an equal balance in leadership.  I think this is very revealing as to how being a majority  vs a minority affects people.


Anonymous said…
This is a classic in the Discovery orientation!!! very funny. It was a very good idea to share a video instead of a photo. Wish the best to Discovery team 2010.

Claudia Lopez

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