Ghana Discoverers Arrive (gradually)

As of Tuesday morning Ghana time, 5 of our expected 10 Ghanaian participants have arrived and orientation has begun for them.  We have heard from 4 others who are now on their way and should arrive by tonight. 
Similarly, our planed team of 9 North American participants suddenly beccame 8, as one young lady experienced a severe knee injury last week and her doctor advised her not to travel.  There is the possibility that she may be able to attend our domestic internship program at Wycliffe USA headquarters in Orlando. 

Shevawn's organization skills are being missed on our team already (picture John trying to organize lots of papers and supplies in her place;-| 

Tonight I'll go to the airport to pick-up our North American participants, however the bus we had planned to use is overheating, so may have to go to plan B...

However, all in all, things are going well.  The next week is going to go by in a flash for us... but will try to keep you all apraised of our progress as I am able. 


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